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Healing Powers

My grandmother, Dorothy, embarked on her spiritual journey half a century ago. She discovered the tarot deck, which invoked her intuition and she immediately connected with the cards. After mastering the tarot deck, she started giving readings. As she grew older, she realized that she had psychic abilities and she used them to help her family, friends, and neighbors. Later in life, she decided to pursue her calling as a professional psychic to help even more people find their true life purpose and provide them with clarity. She gradually gained a huge clientele who felt more enlightened and empowered after consulting with her. Her daughters inherited her gifts, and she mentored and guided them on their spiritual journey. When I, Leah, was born, she recognized that I had inherited her gifts as well, and she has been my mentor for the past 14 years. Under her guidance, I have flourished and become more attuned to my abilities, and I have learned the significance of these gifts. When she decided to open her own shop, she knew that I would join her and grow my own clientele, and she was right. Azusa Psychic has been open for 21 years, and we have helped countless people find their true purpose in life. We hope to guide you as well.

Healing Stones
Tarot Reading


If you're unable to visit our store, we also offer phone readings that meet professional standards and provide insightful and in-depth guidance. Our appointment hours are from 11 am to 8 pm, Monday through Saturday. Please let us know if you would like to schedule a phone reading. 

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